Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Digital Learning Day

Today is the Writing Project's first Digital Learning Day, and I have a whole menu of activities planned. My students will start off with a mouthwatering breakfast of Edmodo where they will complete their character analysis of Billy from Where the Red Fern Grows. They have been asked to respond to the following prompt: What inferences can you make about Billy's personality? Use an example to explain your answer. The students are then required to reply to someone else's response. Since they are sixth-graders and love to socialize, this activity will certainly wake them up.
The students will have a midmorning snack of multi-genre research reports. They are currently researching information on their self-selected topics. They are using paraphrasing skills to gather information in order to create online magazine articles. We have been feasting on online mentor text feature magazine articles for the last few weeks, so they have been able to collect ideas about design, graphics, and craft.
I will be trying a new recipe for the afternoon meal and hope it will complement our iPads. During social studies, the students will be using to create presentations about Hinduism and Buddhism. I have seen this format used by other teacher chefs and am looking forward to watching my students use it to synthesize their knowledge of world religions.
My students will have a full belly of digital learning by the end of the day. However, unlike other excessive calorie consumption, I can rest assured that today's technology-based learning will be well digested and satisfying.

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